~Relieve mental and physical fatigue


Born July 17 in Aioi City, Hyogo Prefecture
Graduated from Kamakura Women's University Junior College
Modeling since her teenage years.
While working as a model, she continues to travel the world with her love of travel and scuba diving.
Enjoys traveling, scuba diving, and golf
Loves the ocean, nature, physical exercise, and having conversations

Summer 2005
As she aged, it became difficult for her to maintain her body shape, and she was struggling with this. Through her friend, she met yoga when she started to struggle with her keeping her figure as she’s gotten older.
She learned that yoga not only affects the body but also the mind, and her interest in mental and physical health deepened, and she began to further her studies.

Spring 2009
Completed Raja Yoga Teacher Training (RYT200) with Myra Lewin in Maui, Hawaii

February 2013
Completed Vision of Yoga ~Art of Teaching~ teacher training with Doctor Madhavan & Master Sudhakar (RYT200)

Completed Bone Navigation Teacher Course

Completed Psychological Counselor Training Course, Japan Psychotherapy Association

Completed Yoga plus style: Yoga Teacher Training Course for Traditional Chinese Medicine - Beginner and Intermediate levels.
Completed Yoga plus style: Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course
Completed Yoga plus style: Yin Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Course
2014 First easyoga ambassador (~current)

【Past Event Appearances】

2015: "Hama Yoga Night" at Yokohama Grand Pier, as a lecturer
2015 Hawaiian Village for 55 consecutive days as a teacher
September 2015 ~current: Yoga Generation "What's your personality? Intensive course
May 2016 ~ Hawaii yoga festa as a teacher (ongoing)
2016 and 2017, Speaker at Hankyu Yoga Festa
March 2017: Appointed as easyoga Ambassador
April 2017: Appeared as an instructor at Hankyu Yoga Festa
May 2017: Appointed as a lecturer at Hawaii yoga festa
2017, August 2017 & 2018: Appeared as a teacher at JINGU STADIUM NIGHT YOGA
2017 & 2018: yoga japan as a lecturer
September 2017 ~: has been speaking at Yokohama Yoga Festa as a teacher (ongoing)
April 2020 and April 2021: Organic Life Tokyo as a lecturer
August 2022: Appeared as a teacher at ZOZO MARINE STADIUM NIGHT YOGA

She strives to make yoga a part of people's daily lives, in the hope that it will lead to better health and happiness.
He leads yoga workshops in various locations across Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

  • She has taught yoga and meditation for corporations.
  • She holds yoga classes for mothers of children with disabilities to relieve their daily fatigue and stress.
  • In addition to holding classes at yoga studios in the Kanto area, she also holds yoga classes and yoga retreats on her own, with the hope of "bringing yoga into people's lives and for them to recognize the happiness in their everyday lives."
  • She also offers online video streaming services.


Bone Navigation and Pressure Point Exercises (Shinsei Publishing Co., Ltd.) Model
Turn Your Tongue to Rejuvenate (Nihonbungeisha) Model

【Thoughts on Yoga】

My name is Kayoko Isobe, and I am a yoga instructor.

I became a yoga instructor in order to share my love of yoga with as many people as possible.
Do you think that yoga is only for flexible people?

I have always had a very stiff body and because I pushed myself too hard, I have expereinced several injuries, so I can clearly say this,

"I want people with stiff bodies to try yoga"

When I started yoga, I was only able to touch my knees in my forward bends.

Even so, it felt good to move my body, it was kind of fun and comfortable, I felt better, and before I knew it, I was doing it almost every day.

I had no intention of becoming a teacher because I fell in love with yoga, but a friend recommended it to me, and I found myself flying to Hawaii to get certified as a yoga teacher in order to study yoga more deeply. I never thought I'd want to become a yoga teacher even though I fell in love with yoga. I did want to learn more and with some encouragement from a friend, I was soon on a plane to Hawaii to do my first yoga teacher training.

As I began to study yoga more deeply, I fell in love with yoga even more.

The word "yoga" means "connection".

Connecting the mind and body, connecting the breath and body,
and connecting people, the connection is never ending.

Many people start yoga because they think it is good for exercise the body and for weight loss.

I myself was the same way.

Yoga has a calming effect on the mind,
By calming the mind, I became more mindful of what I put into my mouth, my body.
As a result, I now realize that I can have a healthy and beautiful body.

The human mind and body are connected,
When the mind is stressed, the body become rigid.
Headaches, stiff shoulders, back pain, insomnia... many dis-eases start to happen.

If you do yoga to relax and regulate your body, your mind will naturally improve as well.
It is very important to keep your body and mind in tune.
There are many other benefits of yoga.

My life has changed a lot since I started yoga.

I want everyone to love yoga as much as I love yoga.
Life is not only good, but also full of unexpected things, isn't it?
Sometimes it's hard to live, and sometimes it's hard to trust people, isn't it?

Yoga has the ability to heal and guide us.

I would be happy to connect with you through yoga and I look forward to meeting you all.

I wish for us to live every day with a smile on our faces.