Meditative Flow Yoga
~New Normal, New Life~


Yoga and meditation instructor/vanlifer/entrepreneur

Naoki lives in multiple locations while traveling around in a van that he drives himself. He is involved in teaching yoga classes, training yoga teachers, and appearing at events. In addition, he is active in a variety of fields, including renovation, space design, corporate training, lecturing, modeling, photography, video creation, and coffee shop management.

Since the Corona Disaster, he has been calling himself a "social yogi," and have started activities to communicate the essence of yoga from various angles through his own life.

Since March 2022, he will begun the "GOEN" project, a journey by van to 47 prefectures in Japan to share yoga, meditation, and lifestyle.

In November 2022, he has launched "THE VILLAGE," an online community to realize the world view of Yoga 3.0.

  • lululemon Ambassador
  • He is also a member of "Studio +", a yoga studio produced by "Yogini," a yoga magazine that provides yoga information and the latest yoga fashion from all over the country. He is the lead teacher for the yoga teacher training course (RYT200) at Studio + Lotus8, a yoga studio produced by Yogini, a yoga magazine that provides yoga information and the latest yoga fashions nationwide. (2020〜2023)
  • Wrote essays for the national yoga magazine "Yogini" VAN LIFE Essay vol.80〜 until the magazine ceased publication.
  • Yoga instructor at Yogafest 2017〜2019
  • September 2022, taught yoga at Jingu Stadium Night Yoga
  • His favorite car is a 1988 Volkswagen T3 vanagon.
  • His love of coffee led him to launch "NOMAD COFFEE STAND," where he also handles coffee roasting.