Intestinal Health Detox Yoga


  • Yoga instructor
  • Official main ambassador of DANSKIN japan.
  • Official main ambassador of Manduka

Born in 1980 in Tokyo, Japan

She has been active in gymnastics for 10 years and has been working as a TV personality and actress for 12 years since she was 19 years old. Around that time, she began practicing yoga.

Based on her own experience, she shares and teaches a yoga practice of her own design that incorporates stretching, softening the outer muscles, creating a body that can use the inner muscles, and building the body's axis with the breath.

In March 2017, she opened "TODAY", a yoga studio in Sendagaya, Tokyo, which she owns and produces herself.

She says, "Make yoga a habit! I want to share through my practice the comfort of a life that incorporates yoga into daily life and the importance of making time for introspection to look within oneself."

Through her own practice of morning yoga, she conveys the evolution of the body, mind, and everything else.

She has appeared as an instructor at various yoga events and in the media to share the healthy lifestyle that incorporates yoga.

Since 2014, she has been holding her own yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali, every year with the theme of "Harmony with Nature, Revitalization, and Detoxification.