Beautiful Legs, Beautiful Buttocks, Pelvic Yoga
-Jingu Night
~ Stress relief of mind and body by activating the spine! ~


Yoji Minato Born in Tokyo, currently resides in Sapporo
Yoga Instructor, Spine Meister
Founder of Spine Yoga and Beautiful Legs, Beautiful Buttocks, and Pelvic Yoga
Founder of Studio INEX (Sapporo) ・Founder of Yoga Studio LA sMiLe (Toyama)

*IYC 45h Intensive Teacher Training Course
*IYC Basic Yoga Teacher Training Course
*IYC Basic Yoga Teacher Training Course
*IYC 108h Intermediate Teacher Training Course
*IYC Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course
*IYC Raj Yoga Gymnastics Instructor Training Course
*ACOYOGA Tensegrity Yoga Teacher Training Course, etc.

He moved from his birthplace in Tokyo to Sapporo and opened INHALE x EXHALE (Studio INEX). Soon after, he had a shocking encounter. It was with Ken Halakuma and Ashtanga Yoga. Since then, he has studied under Ken Harakuma.

In November 2009, he opened IYC Sapporo (International Yoga Center Sapporo), and in January 2014, he opened Yoga Studio LA sMiLe in Toyama. Currently, in addition to teaching general yoga classes in Tokyo, Sapporo, and Toyama, he also offers workshops, training courses, corporate training, events, and other opportunities for instructor training. He is also the creator of "Beautiful Legs, Beautiful Buttocks, Pelvic Yoga® Menstrual Blood Yoga®," and is one of the most active contributors to the spread of yoga in Japan.

His lectures are easy to understand, using examples from everyday life, and you will naturally learn the philosophy and be drawn into it without knowing it. His insight into the body is amazing, and students say his adjustment is like " being treated with physical therapy." This leads to create “beautiful legs, beautiful buttocks, and pelvic yoga”. This is probably the reason why many students support the class.