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Yoga Coordinator, Yoga and Pilates Instructor, World champion of World Yoga Championship, Commercial Choreographer

Brand Ambassador for ROXY, Platinum Brand Ambassador for Manduka

After graduating from university, Yukari Miwa worked as a licensed health and physical education teacher at a school before coming to the U.S. on her own to acquire Yoga and Pilates instructor certifications.

She started to teach Yoga and Pilates in 2006. Since 2007, she had represented Japan in the World Yoga Championship for five consecutive years. In 2011, she became the first Japanese to win the world championship.

Since then, she has received offers from studios all over the world to give yoga lessons and demonstrations on world tours, starting with a tour of the United States, followed by a tour of Oceania and Europe. Her yoga poses were featured in the New York Times. After returning to Japan, she has held various events throughout Japan.

She has also contributed to familiarize hot yoga throughout Japan since the days when there were only a few hot yoga studios in Japan, and she was in charge of a hot yoga program on NHK and published two textbooks.

After giving birth, she has developed her own teaching style freely that transcends schools, with an open mind and free ideas that are not bound by location or form.

In addition to appearing on TV, in magazines and other media, and at events nationwide, she is active in a wide range of activities, from personal lessons to lectures at schools, corporations, and various yoga events and is also involved in instructor training.

In addition to appearing on media like TV and magazines, and at events nationwide, she has been active over a wide range from personal lessons to lectures at schools, corporations, and various yoga events. She has also involved in instructor trainings.

[ Books ]

  • NHK TV Textbook "Marutoku Magazine: Relax Your Mind and Body! Hot Yoga for Beginners" and "Sleeping and Sitting Hot Yoga for Anti-Aging!"
  • The World's Easiest Yoga for flexibility DVD Book," and "High Blood Flow! Yoga Anywhere" (Takarajimasya, Ltd.)
  • Hand Stand (Sakadachi) Exercise" (Asuka Shinsha)
  • Yoga Illustrated Book of 200 Poses" (Takahashi Shoten)

【Past Media Appearances, Teaching, and Supervision】

[ Commercials and advertisements ]

  • Kao: Agience (by Ms. Yu Kashii)
  • UNIQLO: Ultra Stretch Jeans (for domestic and overseas markets, by Na-young Lee)
  • NTT West: Hikari BOX (by Shun Oguri)
  • KDDI: au easy sports (by Waka Nozawa)
  • Sato Seiyaku: CM for overseas (by herself)
  • JSR Corporation: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (by herself)
  • Dole Corporation: Banana advertisement (by herself)
  • Suntory: TOKUCHA(Special tea) (by Masahiro Motoki, by Kyoko Hasegawa)
  • P&G: Pantene (by Nanao and herself)
  • Suntory: Sesamin (by Chikako Kaku)
  • Kao: NIVEA (by Ryoko Yonekura, and herself)
  • Coca-Cola: Aquarius (by Nana Seino)
  • Kao: Segreta (by Noriko Maeda)
  • Asahi Breweries: Asahi Style Free advertisement and long interview (by herself)
  • TOTO: Global commercial (by herself)
  • FWD Fuji Life Insurance: Advertisement (by herself and her daughter)
  • Allegion (by Fumino Kimura)
  • Yatsushiro Tatami Popularization Project
  • Haruyama Suit (by Issei Takahashi)
  • KUBOTA (by Masami Nagasawa), and more

[ Television ]

  • NHK: "Marutoku Magazine," "Hot Yoga for the First Time to Relax the Mind and Body," "Sleeping and Sitting Hot Yoga Instructor," "Good Morning Japan," "Kenkon," "Hirumae Hot," "Gutto! Sports" (hosted by Masaki Aiba, Arashi) as a guest, NHK Special "Human Body" (hosted by Tamori and Dr.Shinya Yamanaka), appearing in the third volume "Bone", "Metropolitan Area Network", "Good Night Japan" (hosted by Kankuro Kudo and Naoki Matayoshi, Peace), yoga master
  • NHK E-television: "Ashita mo Hare! Life Recipes" (hosted by Chikako Kaku, who takes her personal lessons every week, and the Asagaya Sisters) as a guests.
  • NHK BS1: "Earth TV El Mundo" as a guest
  • NTV: "Future Theater": Yoga World Champion Innovator, "ZiP!" World Champion Special, "Fukaii Story 2-hour Special" as a guest (Satomi Ishihara and others as guests), "Stories - House for searching Your Life" as a guest, "Hirunandes!
  • BS-TBS: "Sekaijin" (World People), Mainichi Broadcasting System, "Chichin Puipui" (in the far-off future), interviews about the present and future of people who are active in the world, "Otona Joshi Stories" (Adult woman's Stories), interviews
  • Fuji Television Network: "Waratteiitomo" opening, "Mezamashi TV: Chinami Detective Agency," "Mercedes-Benz Provided 1H Sense”
  • TV Tokyo: "Girls Live" (hosted by Ai Takahashi), "Variety 7: Atsushi Endo" (Atsushi Tamura, Shozo Endo), as a guest

[ Radio ]

  • FM Tokyo: "Maya Masai Personality, Life Sommelier", as a guest
  • FM Yokohama: "Futurescape, Kundo Koyama's Personality" as a guest
  • RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting,
  • FM Fuji: "Former top male star of Takarazuka, Kei Otoduki personality Let's SMILE"as a guest, and more

[ Newspaper ]

  • The New York Times: Yoga Poses
  • Nikkei Plus One: Interview in "Starting from Zero" (Nikkei Plus One)
  • The Yomiuri Shimbun: Interview with Yukari Miwa's Yoga, featured in the "Only One" section
  • Sankei Living Newspaper: Interview
  • Nishinippon Shimbun: Introduction of chair yoga, interview with Sankei Sports, etc.