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She went to a preparatory school and grew up with the values of "being a decent person," "achieving success in life," and "making things black and white" as a matter of course, however, after entering university, she began to question her life and spent her days lost.
Unable to find the right answer, she started working in the bridal industry.

One day, while she was changing jobs, she was inspired by a comment from a senior colleague at work and enrolled in a yoga school.

Fascinated by the power of yoga to change her life values and connect people to each other, she decided to teach yoga and joined a major yoga school.
She was in charge of studio management and teacher training.

After that, she became a freelance yoga teacher to discover her own potential and discovered Odaka Yoga.

She studied under Roberto Miretti and Francesca Cassia, the founders of Odaka Yoga, and now works as an Odaka Yoga Advanced Teacher/Education Team.

In her private life, after living abroad, pregnancy, childbirth, and relocation, she shares the beauty of "feeling the present moment," "the beauty of each individuality," and "a sense of security that nothing needs to be judged" through sharing her yoga and lifestyle.

【Major certifications】

  • E-RYT200, RYT500
  • Odaka Yoga Advanced Teacher
  • Thai Vedic Bodywork Level1,2
  • IHTA Certified Yoga Instructor Level 1
  • IHTA Certified Maternity Yoga Instructor
  • IHTA Certified Senior Yoga Instructor
  • ITM Thai Yoga Bodywork Level1,2
  • Access Bars Practitioner

【Major Event Achievements】

  • YogaFesta Yokohama
  • Yoga Festa Hankyu
  • One California Day
  • Shinagawa Season Terrace Night Yoga