Yoga to Return to precious self
−Deep Breathing and Heart Breathing−


  • Representative of Yoga space side-A
  • Operated by ONLINE STUDIO side-A
  • Yoga Henro® (Yu-Ga-Henro®) creator
  • Certified Yoga Alliance [E-RYT 500] Instructor
  • lululemon Japan Ambassador

He first discovered yoga in 2004.
He studied yoga in Rishikesh in North India, Mysore in South India, and Thiruvananthapuram in South India.

He has appeared in various yoga events, on TV, and in the media, including supervising yoga features in magazines.

He has also created and supervised a yoga teacher training curriculum and is actively involved in teacher training and skill improvement courses.

He has provided mental training for mindfulness to athletes such as the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars (fall and spring camps), professional boxers, and professional golfers, and has supported companies such as ANA and ITOCHU with original programs from the aspect of stress management.